Monday, 26 November 2012

"November Rain"- Guns N Roses

Im not sure  about anybody else but this freakishly  dull weather is getting on my last nerve!!
Bring back the warm sunshine!!!or else at least a bit of snow or something fun because I can not deal with these wet, dark , miserable evenings!!!..waaahhhhh :(

Ok.....Rant Over!!!!!!

I suppose its not all doom and gloom as I  have found myself making room  for more activities :) 

On friday night we went to Gamaluko & Hot Creations , the Dj Set was in an Italian Restaurant so as you can imagine, the night was random to say the least

After we purchased our Tickets, naturally.. the first thought that popped into our heads, was "what the **** are we going to wear to this?"

One particular item which caught my eye whilst browsing online (I have a weird obsession with skeletons and skulls at the moment) was a Laser Cut Skull design  T-Shirt .

Although £30 is nothing to most people, to a student that is my life savings, I knew I had to have the shirt I just had to find another way of getting it .....

After much careful consideration , I decided I was going to attempt to make one myself , if it all went downhill I could wear good for nothing T-Shirt to bed

So here is my step by step Tutorial on how to get one of these tees yourself for a maximum of £4.....bargain!!......(However I must inform you I am not the next Sarah Burton by any means, but the Top turned out quite good and was appropriate for the dress code of the night)

First things first I purchased a plain mens T shirt from H&M (mens size for extra baggy look) I also choose the burgundy,as this is quite a popular color for this season ,

The next step was to print out a template of the rib cage design, one on the left hand side of an a4 page and the other on the right hand side of an opposite a4 page

Once both pages are printed out ,take a scissors and cut out each rib , join together in the same way as presented on the page .....

Place each separate strip similar to the print in an even pattern down the T Shirt.......

Trace around each strip with a felt tip marker...........

Cut out each section using a scissors (punch a hole in the middle of the section with the sharp side of the scissors and cut around the felt tip line )

Once this is complete, repeat the process again on the opposite side of the Tee.......

Cut out the oppsite side and stretch each section in order to show more flesh in the back for added effect....

If you would like to show a bit more flesh, cut out a half circle under the armpit to make the T-Shirt into a singlet

And Walaaaaaaah.........The End Product...................:)

Team Together with a bandeau top underneath(so as not to see your boobies) a Pair of Levis shorts, Heavy Jewelry,and a pair of millitary boots for the perfect casual outfit 

Or if your feeling frisky...why not maybe customise it with a bit of potpourri?! ....................(Dont ask)!!!

(I  also tied up my hair  to show off the top at the back......#YOLO)

xoxo Shauna Shoes 

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  1. looks amazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeballs HUNNAY #YOLO