Wednesday, 29 May 2013

All White on the Night that my university experience is officially over...(tear)and I have an unlimited amount of free time.... to do nothing untill September, I have decided to take another go at blogging, trying to pass the year took up more time than I could have ever anticipated ....but it was also one of the best years of my life, funnily enough...and what better way to end the year then with our Graduation Ball....:) although I had the best night ever, that did not come without the stress of trying to get organised for it in the upcoming weeks....all of you girls will know that getting ready for balls and black tie events always creates stress and drama in the days leading up but it also seems to be part of the fun and experience

Of course in true Shauna Fashion I was one of the last to find a dress, I must also admit I felt under pressure because all of my friends gowns were Fab!!...I looked on every cheap website possible
( student lifestyle is not a favorable income when your trying to find a glamorous outfit and stick out from the crowd ) , I did notice however, at the moment all the styles seem to be practically the same, Block colors and  simple numbers with thigh slits

In a desperate last chance bid to find shoes accessories etc my girls and myself decided to take a trip to Birmingham and funnily enough the shop that we were giggling at containing dresses covered in ruffles, rhinestones, glitter and neon to say the least was where I  actually ended up finding my dress ha ha.....the minute I tried it on I just knew it was for me ( the fact that the saleswoman told me that it was a "J-Lo original"and that I will "look fabulous at my wedding" did not even seem to turn me off :)

On that "Wedding note" I decided to change it up with a pop of color donated kindly to me by my bestie Natasha.... Personally I feel it just finished off the outfit perfectly and gave it a modern twist . that along with the mesh back, certainly steered the gown away from the bridal route

Here are a few snaps of the gown .......

We went  for a  "Uni Student House -Chique " with the background ..

Each gown featured have all been bought for under £60...a very reasonable price for a ball gown in my eyes

I was investigating all week to see if I could find any inspiration of gowns that were in fashion at the moment and I was surprised to find that white is in fact such a popular dress choice color this season...especially at the most recent Cannes film festival

Selena Gomez at the Billboard awards gown also displays a similar look, however I have a funny feeling she has paid a bit more for her design

Victorias Secret Model Doutzen Kroes certainly rocked this color in Cannes this year......amazing 

Sharon Stone and Kylie Minogue to name a few also showed their daring side of sporting white 

White is certainly a winner this summer , so make sure to show off that tan and be careful when holding a glass of wine ha ha ( trust me )

xoxo Shauna 

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